To install Slack, visit the integrations page, chose Slack from the options and then click the Add to Slack button. Any Notion user can connect a Slack account, assuming they have access to setup add-ons in Slack.

If you are logged into more than one Slack account, select the team using Notion and grant access. The Slack channel you select during this process will be the channel that comments and reports from Notion are added to, but you'll be able to view charts in any channel.

How to bring charts into Slack

Use simple slash commands to add some context to your team's conversation. Our commands work in any channel:

  • Type /notion recipes to bring up a list of all your recipe names
  • Type /notion recipe [recipe name] to see the chart for that recipe
  • Type /notion help to pull up your list of commands in Slack

Add comments and reports to a Slack Channel

Once your Slack and your Notion accounts are connected, keep your team up to date with the latest comments and reports being generated in Notion.


How do I disconnect my Slack account from Notion?

Once your Notion account has been connected to Slack, you can manage the integration in your Slack settings.

  • Go to your Slack apps directory: https://{yourdomain}

  • Choose Notion, and click remove app.

I can't connect Notion to my Slack account

If you see the message "Your team's settings don't allow authorizing third-party apps," you'll need to update your Slack permissions.

If you are the owner or an admin of the Slack account, you can do it yourself in the admin settings

Otherwise, you'll need to contact the account admin to update the settings.

If you see the message "You can't authorize Notion because your team has reached the integration limit." This means that your team is limited to 10 integrations on the Free plan. You can either upgrade to a paid tier (all paid Slack accounts offer unlimited integrations) or delete one of the existing integrations in your Slack account.

To do so, go to https://{yourdomain} and choose one of the apps and click remove app.