Targets server as a great way to communicate the goals you are working towards and how your metrics are performing.

To set a target, first toggle the option in add a target to this recipe. (Note, targets can always be changed or removed later.)

Select your target type

Notion currently supports two target types:

  1. Total: Select this option when you have a finite goal. For example, if you are tracking how many customers are using a feature and you want to set a baseline of 70%, this would be the perfect option.
  2. Incremental: If you are hoping to track period over period goals, then the incremental target type will fit your needs better. Based on your display period options, you will see your frequency listed as the other target type. Incremental targets can than either be fixed (5 new customers each month) or percentage based (10% increase over the previous period).

Preview your settings

Based on your selections, you will see a preview sentence underneath the options to make sure your target is set up correctly. In addition to the options you select here, the trend display option will dictate whether you are hoping to see this target be above or below a threshold or increase or decrease each period.