The biggest struggle for most teams, and most individuals, is prioritization. Particularly if you work in a fast-paced environment, on an innovative team, or for a startup, on any given day there are at least a dozen tasks requiring your attention, projects worth considering, and opportunities that need vetting. If you're not careful, you can easily waste the days and weeks away jumping from one distraction to the next, or working on projects that aren't getting you closer to your goals.

That’s why teams use Notion to focus on the metrics that matter most in their efforts to achieve key team and company goals.

The first step is setting goals with your team and then choosing a few key metrics that indicate your progress toward those goals.

  • When you set goals as a team, you give everyone a common cause to rally around, which helps keep everyone motivated.
  • Goal-setting also provides a rubric for evaluating if a new project is a worthwhile endeavor, which helps your team to maintain focus on what matters most to its success.
  • When you track KPIs associated with your goals, you give your team a way to prove which parts of your strategy are working and improve which parts aren’t.

In short, goal setting is a critical component to your team’s success. And having a place to track, share, and collaborate on the metrics that matter most is the shortcut to achieving those goals.

Notion gives you the flexibility to create recipes that track the metrics that matter most to your team’s success. When you track those metrics over time, you can identify projects with the greatest opportunity for impact.

  • Team performance data can give you the insight you need to optimize internal processes.
  • Customer journey metrics can help you spot where new users are dropping off and how best to keep them engaged.
  • Feature usage tracking makes it easier to prioritize your product roadmap.
  • Trends in customer issues let you know where to allocate vital support resources.

The right data at the right time makes it easier to know where to spend your time today to yield big results tomorrow.

If you already know your team’s goals and the metrics that indicate progress toward achieving those goals, get started in Notion by creating recipes to track those KPIs.

Need help setting team goals? Our guide to Getting Started with Team Metrics includes a plan to get your team goal oriented and tracking the metrics that matter in just three short meetings. Download your guide here.