No matter your role—team member, team lead, department head or CEO—you’re accountable to certain stakeholders that want to stay apprised of your team’s performance. Because you need to stay focused on the work your team is doing, you want to keep them informed, but out of your way.

Notion helps you tell the story behind your data in a format that is easily accessible and understood, without cluttering the conversation with unnecessary detail.

Whether you need to report sprint metrics across multiple teams using JIRA, give investors an update on product adoption, or persuade management to give your team added resources, Notion makes it easy to communicate the data you want to share.

With just one click from your dashboard, you can build a live report, ready to be shared with managers, investors, or whomever you want to keep informed. Select the recipes you want included, add comments to give important contextual information, and hit submit. Your report will populate as a URL that you can share with anyone at anytime. Plus, they’ll be archived, so you can easily reference them later.

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