Every team needs goals. Goal setting aligns teams to broader company objectives and research shows that goals can motivate teams to produce significantly better results than focusing on activity or daily tasks alone. Unfortunately, just setting goals isn’t enough to spur the kind of stellar results we’re all seeking. You need to define how you’ll measure their success and track your progress along the way.

Teams use Notion to keep tabs on the KPIs that indicate success of team goals.

When teams build a Notion recipe for each of their KPIs, they use our target feature to show where they want to be by the end of the week, month, or quarter. This way, the whole team can see if they’re on track to meet important team goals by the deadline. Create a recipe and set a target today!

Teams also regularly collaborate on data in Notion when discussing progress toward team objectives. They use our Slideshow feature in team meetings, so that everyone can see how they’re tracking toward their goals. This makes it easier to modify their approach if progress is lagging or to double-down on tactics that are working.