Most dashboard tools are designed to project values on a flat screen TV that office managers like to hang by elevators and water coolers, hoping it will spark conversation.

Notion, however, is designed to bring the data directly to your team and capture conversations in one location. So once you get started with your dashboards, invite your team in to collaborate.

How do I invite my team to join Notion?

If you are the account creator, you are, by default, an Editor. This means that, in addition to creating metrics and dashboards, you have the ability to invite additional team members into Notion.

All team members invited into Notion will join as a Collaborator by default. (For a full break down of Editor vs Collaborator capabilities, please read this page.)

There are a few ways team members can be inviting into Notion. Here's a quick review:

  1. From the Members page, you can enter in the email addresses of each team member you wish to invite. They will receive a welcome email from Notion with a link to a direct sign up.
  2. On this same page, you can also select a unique URL to your team. Anyone with that link will be able to create an account and join.
  3. The third way to invite team members to join your Notion account is through the creation of team-sourced metrics. When assigning an ingredient, you can either select an existing team member to report on the ingredient or you can enter in a new email address.

How many team members can I invite?

During trial, you can invite as many team members as you want. When it comes time to subscribe to a plan, you will be able to select a plan that supports a minimum of the number of active users you currently have. If you want to purchase a plan with fewer users, head to the Members page. There you can make team members inactive in order to lower your user count.

When you are on a subscription plan and invite additional members exceeding the user limit of your plan, all admins on your account will receive a notice and you will have 30 days to reconcile your active and inactive members before we automatically upgrade you to the appropriate pricing plan.

Are there other ways I can share Notion with my team?

Yes! While we think Notion is most valuable when your team has direct access to the data, some times you want to present or package your metrics up for your team or other stakeholders and control the story.

Notion currently has two features to help you share your content with external stakeholders:

  1. Publish a report from a dashboard. Once you have metrics with reported data on a dashboard, you will see a Build Report button in the top nav bar. You can customize your report by excluding certain metrics and by adding additional comments beneath each metric. Once published, you can send the unique URL to anyone for viewing purposes.
  2. Start a slideshow. Similar to publishing a report, once your dashboard has metrics with reported data, you will see a Start Slideshow in the top nav bar. Slideshow mode will show one detail page at a time for each metric, in order, on your dashboard. Enter full screen mode and connect to a TV for your next presentation.