Notion for JIRA supports all JIRA and JIRA Service Desk cloud accounts.

If you run a self-hosted (on-prem) JIRA account, please contact us. If you environment is accessible via the web with a secure https connection, we can enable our beta connection. If you are behind a firewall, you'll need to whitelist our IP first.

To connect your JIRA account with Notion, enter your existing JIRA credentials and subdomain from the login page.

Once you hit connect, we fetch your project list. This allows you to configure which JIRA projects you want to include in your import.

We will begin your initial import as soon as you hit Submit on this form. If you have a large account with a lot of projects, we recommend starting with just a few projects to test with—imports can take a long time and potential slow down your JIRA environment, depending on your setup.

Once your initial import is finished, you will receive an email notification.

Future imports run nightly, starting around 1:00 AM, local to your Notion account's time zone.

After your initial import, you can always edit your JIRA project settings by visiting the JIRA integration page and selecting Configure from the nav bar in the top right.

Note: If your team currently uses single sign on with google or another SSO service, you will need to have an administrator in your Jira account create a new user with access to the desired projects for accessing Notion.