There are currently two permission types for team members in Notion: Editors and Collaborators.

By default, the creator of the account is an Editor. There must always be one Editor on your team. All other team members are invited in as Collaborators. To upgrade their permissions, an Editor must visit the Members page in the app.

You can view our pricing page to see the current breakdown of how many Editors you can have on your team based on your selected plan.


Editors have full edit and create capabilities of any public content in Notion, and any private content that they have personally created. You can think of them as "admins".

Editors can:

  • create, edit, and delete dashboards
  • create, edit, and delete metrics
  • connect to integrations
  • invite new team members
  • remove team members
  • change team member permissions
  • edit account time zone
  • create publications from a dashboard
  • report on ingredients and via the API


Think of Collaborators as more of a view-only role, in addition to having the ability to comment on metrics.

Collaborators can:

  • view public dashboards or private dashboards they are invited to
  • report on ingredients that are assigned to them
  • comment on metrics
  • create publications from a dashboard
  • report via the API

They can not:

  • create, edit, or delete dashboards
  • create, edit, or delete metrics
  • connect to integrations
  • manage team size or settings