If you have questions or concerns regarding your account, please contact us at billing@usenotion.com

Purchase a plan

To purchase a plan, go to the Billing link in the dropdown menu under your user name in the top right corner of the nav bar.

1. Select a Plan: Monthly and Annual plans are available based on the number of active team members for your account. (Learn more about managing team members)

If you have a team of over 20 team members, please contact us at billing@usenotion.com for pricing. Learn more about Notion pricing

2. Enter your billing information. Your credit card will be charged at this time and it will be the start of your billing period.

Change your plan

If you want to change your plan, simply visit the billing page and select your new plan.

  • If you upgrade to a higher plan in the middle of a billing period, your account will be pro-rated immediately. Your billing period starts on the day you subscribed.
  • To downgrade your plan, the number of active team members on your account can not exceed the limit of that plan. (Learn more about managing team members.) Please note, if you downgrade plans, your account will not be credited.
  • If you are on an annual plan and would like to switch to a monthly plan, please contact us at billing@usenotion.com.


How does the free trial work?

When you sign up for Notion, your account will automatically begin a full-featured free trial, which allows you to integrate with all data sources and invite as many team members as you want. No credit card is required during the trial. When you do choose one of the paid plans, you will be required to enter a credit card, which will be charged at that time.

What happens after the trial ends and I haven't subscribed?

If the trial ends before you subscribe, your team will be locked out. If you try to log in, you'll be provided the option to reactivate your account with all of its data by purchasing a plan.

What happens when I downgrade plans?

As long as your team size doesn't exceed a plan's quota, you are able to downgrade your subscription plan. When you downgrade, you will be charged the price of the new plan on your next normal billing cycle and you will be discounted for any overage fees from the previous month. You can manage your team size from the member's page in the app.

Please note, we will not automatically lower you to a subscription plan.

What happens when I upgrade plans?

If you upgrade to a higher plan in the middle of a billing period, your plan will be prorated.

What's my billing period?

Billing periods start on the day you subscribe. In your billing settings you'll see the card information and the next billing date.